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Who are we?
The company

Safety equipment
for business

The safety clinic is:

– The strength of a group of professionals
– 15 years of expertise in the storage world
– The production in Europe of all the products on offer
– A field sales team to provide you with advice and assistance

Our experience as a major player in security within companies, warehouses, logistics bases, production workshops or factories, has enabled us to target the products necessary for the safety of employees, users and staff in the best possible way.

Equipment for logistics warehouses

Accessories for shelving and pallet racks, safety trestles and crutches, fall protection nets and screen walls, dock accessories, loading ramps, second-hand shelving, etc…

Protection of property and persons

Barriers and hoops, protection posts and stops, wall protections, protections for posts and pillars, retarders, slides, bollards, mirrors, protection shoes for racks and pallet racks, shock absorbing shoes for shelving, safety trestles, sealing and flood barriers, protection profile, polyurethane shock protection …

Environmental protection

Safety cabinets, drum accessories, storage cabinets, retention bins and platforms, external safety containers, drum trolleys, gas cylinder boxes…

Expert services/

Audit and periodic verification of pallet racks, production of load plates for racks and metal shelving, repair of damaged ladder uprights by patented process …

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