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Road mirrors

As the only manufacturer on the market, who is able to deliver TÜV-certified high quality mirrors, DANCOP has the highest expertise in creating mirrors that are very solid, highly durable and suitable for nearly every possible situation. All DANCOP mirrors have a metallized backside, which enables a very clear and brilliant image and
a high resistance against environmental influences. All DANCOP mirrors are UV-stable and equipped with robust fixing brackets that are always included in the delivery. Our Standard-material for the mirror plate is Acrylic, which is 70 % stronger than glass. Indestructible Polycarbonate and INOX are also available. DANCOP products suit your needs. Be satisfied by quality, nothing else matters.

The advantages of Dancop-Mirrors :

• UV-resistant
• Very good mirror image without distortion
• Easy installation

The mirrors of the brand EUvex offer a high-quality mirror image for a low entry price. If for traffic, industry or trade: the EUvex safety mirrors are suitable to be used for a better view of confusing areas. In comparison to the Dancop mirrors, the EUvex mirrors offer less selection and adjustment options and a smaller product range. The EUvex mirrors are not TÜV-certified or windload certified.

The advantages of the EUvex mirrors :

• UV resistant
• Fixing bracket for round posts 50 – 85 mm included in the delivery
• High quality mirror image
• Easy installation

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